The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
– Gandhi –

Group Benefits

Times have changed and it’s become harder than ever to attract and retain top talent. The organizations that do attract “A Players” offer more than basic benefits – they offer a Total Rewards Package.

Therefore, in addition to helping you select the best retirement and insurance plans, we also help you design a Total Rewards Statement that shows the overall value your employees get; everything from base pay, incentives, benefits, work/life programs, learning programs and flex work arrangements.

Private Clients

We offer financial planning and retirement income planning services to individuals and families as well as to the leaders and employees of the companies we serve.

We use our expertise to look out for your best interests. Our goal is simple – to help you manage your finances so you can focus more on your work, your family, and checking off your bucket list. We know that if we can help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals then you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


When you partner with us you get an entire team of professionals working together to help you better manage your assets and achieve your goals.

Our personalized strategies — honed over the last 30+ years of serving our clients — combined with access to top institutional money managers, allow us to assemble a custom portfolio that’s designed to help you protect your capital and achieve your specific investment objectives.

Nonprofit VIP Services

For over 30 years we’ve focused on doing one thing extremely well – helping nonprofit boards, executives and their staff achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s helping you assemble the perfect Total Rewards Package for your employees, finding better ways to responsibly manage your investments or setting you up with an Executive Bonus Plan, our focus is always on how we can help improve your situation the most. With an unwavering commitment to ethical and transparent services, Mylestone Plans strives to be the gold standard for nonprofits, looking for the best group benefits, retirement plans and financial advice.
Not all services are offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors