Mylestone Affiliated Planning Group

The Mylestone Affiliated Planning Group (APG) is an exclusive association of over 15 advisors representing 7 different practices across the east coast.  Advisors and staff in this planning group pool together their intellectual capital and resources as they strive to provide their clients with a “five star” experience and planning process.

Our members collaborate closely on a wide range of financial planning related competencies. Subject matter expertise of the group include:

Investment Planning

Comprehensive Investment Research

Customized Asset Allocation

Portfolio Management

Withdrawal Strategies

Investment Policy Statement

Tax Efficient Strategies

Dealing with Stock Concentration

Equity Compensation

Estate Planning & Charitable Giving Strategies


Power of Attorney

Living Will

Health Care Proxy


Guardians for Minor Children

Multi-Generational Planning

Estate Taxes & Reduction Strategies

Charitable Giving Strategies

Retirement Planning

Retirement Goal Setting

Social Security


Individual Retirement Accounts

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Self-Employed Retirement Plans

Annuities & Pensions

RMDs & Withdrawal Strategies

Probability of Success Modeling

Risk Management & Insurance

Review of Existing Policies

Life Insurance Needs

Long Term Care Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Health Insurance

Assistance for Family


Education Funding

529 College Savings Plan

Roth IRAs for Children


Caring for Elderly

Cash Flow & Budget

Income Sources

Expenses & Budgeting

Emergency Funding

Savings Plan

Debt Management

One – Time Expenses

Planned Large Expenses

Mortgage Review

Lines of Credit

Tax Reduction Strategies

Review of Cost Basis

Review Realized Gains

Carry Forward Losses

Tax Loss Harvesting

Deductions & Credits

Potential Roth Conversions

Health Savings & Flexible Spending Accounts

Business Owner Planning

Financial Summary

Valuation Estimate *

Employee Benefits

Key Employee Compensation & Retention

Business Succession Planning

Gift / Sale to Family

Sale to 3rd Party *

M&A Transactions *

*  Access provided to 3rd party unaffiliated resources to assist businesses owners with exit planning.

The affiliated advisor practices in our APG consist of some of the top minds and advisors in the Lincoln Financial Advisors system. Last year the members of this group averaged a year over year growth rate of over 18% as a result of their collaboration and partnership.


Members include the following practices:

For more details about the Mylestone APG please email: